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We have thousands of projects under our belt some of the services offered include but are not limited to foundations, concrete patios, concrete slab, sidewalks, and a variety of concrete work. Whether you have engineered plans for a foundation or just need a small backyard concrete patio addition; We’ve got you covered! Our installations are done up to code, and done professionally. Our work always passes inspection. We get it done right the first time.


Post Tension Foundations

Post-tensioning is a method of reinforcing or strengthening concrete or other materials with high-strength steel strands or bars, typically referred to as tendons. Foundations are designed by an engineer to exact standards and code requirements. Post-tensioning is a proven method with an excellent performance record and offers increased reliability.


A conventional foundation is known as a “Pier & Beam” or “Crawl Space” foundation.  This foundation begins with concrete footings.  Concrete footings are poured into trenches in the ground.  They provide a wide and stable base for the foundation walls.  The footing is made of concrete and rebar.  After the footings have dried, the foundation wall is built on top of the footings.  This wall allows the wood floor structure to be elevated above the ground to avoid moisture problems.  The foundation wall is typically concrete block filled with rebar and concrete for extra support.  The foundation wall and the footings go around the outside perimeter of the home.

New Home Foundation Construction
Concrete Driveway Minnesota


They can be installed new or as additions to your existing driveway. If you need to add a few extra feet of space it is something that we can do. Sometimes all a driveway needs is a repair and other times it needs a complete concrete demolition/demo. When we meet with you for an estimate, we take the time to assess your current driveway and determine the best cost-effective solution.  Whatever you need, we’re the team for you.

Many city ordinances require that you get permits for your driveway. We will assess your project and determine what needs to be done to comply with your city’s code. If a permit is necessary, we will take care of it. If permits are not needed, construction can begin immediately. We encourage you to give us a call to schedule an on-site estimate.


Whether you’re trying to connect two spaces or keep from tracking dirt or mud into your house, a concrete sidewalk is always a good idea. Besides helping you get from point A to point B without tracking in a mess of dirt, they also provide erosion control and can act as small retaining walls to direct water if placed in the correct spot.

Concrete sidewalks with curves can also add a dramatic effect to any landscape – especially when stained. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate on your upcoming sidewalk project.



When it comes to concrete patio areas, we know exactly how to install a professional product that you’ll get years of use from.

We begin our patio builds by meeting with you, getting an idea of how’d you like to use your space, and determining where and in which shape you’d like your concrete patio built.

We also take time to assess the quality of soil we will be building on since improper installation can eventually result in a shifting and/or cracked concrete patio.


As experts in foundation installation, we also know exactly what it takes to repair an existing foundation. With over 10 years of experience working with foundations in South Louisiana, we have the specialized techniques and skills needed to repair or lift any foundation.



"The crew at TPF took care of every need and questions that we had building our new house. They are super involved in the local community and definitely recommend for all concrete jobs big or small."

James Macias

"Wonderful foundation repair company! I had a crack in my driveway that needed repairing and I am so glad that I contacted Tri Parish Foundations to get the job done! They are fast, friendly & efficient!"

Patricia Thornhill

Tri-Parish foundations met all of my expectations for my new home foundation! They were so easy to work with and everything was finished in a timely manner! Highly satisfied!"

Leroy Ernest

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